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Appointment System

The first five appointments in every GP surgery are pre-bookable in advance. The remaining appointments in each surgery are only bookable on the same day. This appointment system is called “advance access” and was introduced by the current Government to meet NHS targets. It is supposed to reduce the number of appointments wasted by patients not attending. 

Top Tips For Your GP Appointment

  • Make a separate appointment for each person who wants to be seen.
  • We will deal with one medical problem per consultation
  • Do not ask for a repeat prescription during your appointment, please use the repeat prescription service. 
  • If you cannot attend the appointment please telephone to cancel so that we can give the appointment to another patient.
  • Small children often disrupt the flow of an adults consultation and where possible should be left with a minder at home.
  • Turn that mobile phone off!

Contacting the Practice

Where possible when contacting the practice try to give the receptionist an idea of the nature and duration of your problem which helps us prioritise and ensures that you get the correct service, if required you may be signposted to a different service.

As a rule if you need diagnosing then you need to see the doctor. If you have a longstanding problem that needs monitoring .i.e. diabetes, asthma, blood pressure, heart disease then you need to see the practice nurse.

If you need health advice, immunisation, HRT, travel advice, stopping smoking, losing weight please see the practice nurse.

GP Additional Access Services

Would you like an appointment with a GP, Nurse, or Health Care Practitioner in the evening or at the weekend when we are closed?

If so, you can book your appointment now by contacting us.

Access Services are an extension of our usual service, it is not a walk-in service, and you will need to make an appointment through the practice reception. The service gives you more flexibility in where, when and how you use local health services. It helps those who struggle to get to the doctors during the week because of work and family commitments.

Please note that whilst you may not get to see your own doctor during these hours, and it may not be at your own practice location, the GP or Nurse you see will have access to your medical record, subject to your consent.


Monday to Friday - Daytime & Evenings
Saturday and Sunday - Daytime
Bank Holidays – Daytime


Face to Face – You will see a clinician in person and be required to go to the service location

Telephone Consultation – You will be called by one of our clinicians during your appointment time. This will be from a withheld number and you will not be required to go to the service location unless offered at the time

Home Visits

Home visits are intended for patients who, because of their illness, cannot attend surgery.

Home visits should be requested before 11am so that the doctor can plan his round.

In nearly all situations children should be brought to the surgery where we have the best facilities for examination and emergency equipment.

Children will always be seen in surgery the same day.

Cancelling or Changing an Appointment

PLease call us as soon as possible if you need to cancel an appointment in order that we can give the slot to someone else.

You can also complete our appointment cancellation notification request form. This can only be used if your appointment has been arranged for more than 24 hours in advance (excluding weekends and public holidays). You can also text to cancel your appointment.

If you need help when we are closed

Click here for out-of-hours arrangements

Text Reminder Service

We have a texting service which allows you to receive confirmation and reminders about your appointments.

To have this service you will need to register by completing a consent form.

Please remember to update your contact details with us when you change address, telephone numbers and email address.

Complete our SMS Reminder Form